VENLA is the place for selling pre-loved designer clothing and accessories in Sydney. At VENLA Resell+Relove, we are helping Australian shoppers redefine their fashion choices and empowering a new generation of micro-entrepreneurs (you, our sellers!), one rack at a time.

So what’s the VENLA difference?

If you’ve ever sold a garment on eBay or visited your local consignment store, you’ll know that each of these methods can be really frustrating. Selling online is time consuming and can be complex, and requires you to be constantly in ‘seller’ mode, responding to queries and negotiating pricing with thirsty buyers. Then you need to take care of packaging and shipping once items sell.

Selling on consignment presents its own set of challenges; often consignment stores can feel exclusive, turnover can be slow, and you’re stuck in the lap of the consignment store gods as far as pricing and promotion goes.

At VENLA, you’re in control.

Simply book a rack for two weeks, list and price up to 40 garments (plus 5 shoes/bags, or other accessories) via our easy to use app, drop everything in-store, and leave the rest to us. Or if you prefer, we can manage the entire process for you from start to finish, including collecting your garments from your home for a small additional fee.

You’re then notified instantly as your items sell and are welcome to continue to add new garments to your rack throughout your rental period.

Think of it as having your very own two-week designer outlet sale!

Also, if you’re a fan of the spotlight, we encourage you to walk us through your rack for our social feeds. Every garment tells a story, after all, and buyers love having an opportunity to see your garments (and getting to know you!) ‘live’ online before coming in.

Eight reasons to sell your preloved fashion at VENLA

There are so many reasons to love selling second-hand clothing in this way, so we’ve listed below eight of our favourites:

  1. Make extra cash. Let’s face it, if you have good quality or designer clothing gathering dust in your wardrobe, re-selling is a terrific way to generate some return on your investments and earn some additional income, especially if COVID has impacted your finances.

At the moment, charity shops are the only real option for people wanting to recycle their clothes. But as much as we love the work Vinnies, the Red Cross and Lifeline are doing, you might have items you don’t feel like simply dropping into a clothing chute and ‘hoping for the best’.

  1. It’s fast. While selling garments online on sites like eBay or DePop certainly has its benefits, it’s also time consuming. You have to photograph each item multiple times, write and manage your listings, respond to queries, then look after packaging and shipping, the list goes on!
  2. It’s easy and attainable. Consignment stores can feel exclusive, or only deal in very small quantities, with no guarantee they’ll take on your garment/s. Then when  they do, you hand your precious garment over and hope for the best, reliant on the store to showcase it properly on your behalf.
  3. Make a positive impact on the environment. Reselling your clothing and accessories ensures they are being given a second, or even third life, in the care of someone who’s hand-picked your items for themselves. Plus they’re being saved from landfill!
  4. Support a small local business. While rent-a-rack is a huge industry in Finland (where VENLA’s founders are both from), it’s a new concept in Sydney. So selling your pre-loved garments at VENLA is helping to build a new, ethically-minded local business from the ground up.
  5. Donate them to charity when you’re done. When your rack rental period finishes, you can choose to leave some or all remaining garments at VENLA to be sold by the team, with 100% of proceeds currently going to Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter.
  6. On-selling your pre-loved fashion is cleansing. Decluttering your wardrobe can be a deeply cleansing experience. Just ask Marie Kondo! Clearing some extra room can relieve stress and make more space for YOU.
  7. Build your identity as a conscious consumer. Many of us are naturally moving away from fast fashion and towards a practice of buying fewer, better quality, more ethically produced garments. So selling some of your pre-loved clothes and accessories can contribute to that evolution for you.

Most of all, we want all of our customers – whether you’re a buyer or a seller – to have fun and feel empowered by the process. To infinity and beyond!

Book a rack online today. Or if you have questions, call your closest VENLA store or email