Tips for conscious fashionistas by Sustainable Fashion Stylist Tania Mayer, who is curating second hand fashion show at VENLA BONDI on 2 November.

Let’s face it trying to live a sustainable life and be fashionable is a struggle. Being conscious about your clothing purchases is one small way you can help reduce the impact of an industry that puts a huge strain on our Earth.

There is a story in the fashion industry that it is possible to predict what colours will be in fashion each season by the colours of the rivers in China. The documentary “River Blue” follows the journey of producing a single pair of denim jeans. It is an interesting insight into fast fashion and perhaps the catalyst you need to buy only sustainable fashion.

So, to start your journey to building a streamlined sustainable wardrobe you first need to look at what you have in your wardrobe. Spring is a great time to declutter, begin by asking yourself the following questions with each item of clothing in your wardrobe:

- Have I worn this in the last 12 to 18 months?
- Does it still fit?
- Does it fit my current Lifestyle?
- Does it go with my other items?
- Do you Love it?

Once this is done you will have to decide what you want to keep, what to donate and what to resell at your own VENLA rack!I look forward to meeting some of the VENLA community at the upcoming November 2nd  Sustainable Styling Event at the VENLA BONDI store where ill be happy to help with any styling questions you may have.


Tania x