Caring for your fashion and accessories will make them last longer. Here few handy tools we use at VENLA stores. They are available to Sellers when they set up their racks.

Here are a few great tools to take care of your fashion items and accessories.

1. Steamer. Easily and safely take out wrinkles from clothes and garments.

2. Needle and thread kit. Keep it handy to sew on buttons or stitch up little holes by hand.

3. Lint shaver. This cool little battery-operated tool cleans up the fuzzies and vacuums them into a built-in lint trap. We got ours from Spotlight.

4. Fabric brush. Brush hair and other fluff from your fashion pieces with a brush or lint roller. Even scotch tape works great. Another option is to put on a rubber glove, get it slightly damp, and then run your hand across the fabric.

5. Leather/suede cleaner. This foam takes out dirt from leather or suede garments. Test it first! We got ours from Mr Minit.

6. Shoe polish. Use shoe polish regularly to remove dirt and make your shoes look great.

If you don't know "how to" you can always consult YouTube e.g. "how to" clean, mend, sew and more!

All these items are available at VENLA stores for sellers to set up their racks.