We at VENLA are all about conscious consumption and sustainability in the circular economy. We invite you to make this frenzied sales period bright green and shop with consideration and mindfulness. Here few tips on how to do it with VENLA.

Green Friday is an event that promotes mindful shopping and environmental appreciation. Think about buying quality second hand fashion instead choosing new. The most sustainable garment is in your wardrobe. If you don't need it anymore why not rent a rack with VENLA and declutter your wardrobe! 

It is easy! Just register and book a rack for the dates that work for you.

Here is how To Prepare And Price My Preloved Fashion For The VENLA Sale.

If you choose VENLA self-service list and price your items on the VENLA platform. 

One of the most common questions we get is how to price the items for sale at VENLA. Here are a few things to think about before pricing:

Think like a buyer - how much would you pay for your item?

Is it in good condition and clean? Make sure all items are washed or dry-cleaned. Check the pockets and polish your shoes, and get rid of pet fur.

Is it a designer brand? Proving authenticity gives the buyer peace of mind and guarantees a reasonable price for you.

Is it relevant for the season? Most buyers want to use the item they purchase right away!

Make sure your price is more affordable than an online sale.

If the original retail tags are still on the item, consider taking 50-70% off. 

The day when your rental starts you bring your items to the VENLA store. We provide price tags, hangers and steamer and you set up your rack. 

Think of your rack as your own little business. Merchandise it to look attractive to buyers. Colours will always draw attention!

VENLA Team will promote your rack on social media.  Follow the sale on VENLA App and top up and tidy up your rack 1-2 weekly. 

Join our mission to help reduce fashion waste in our communities. 

Declutter your wardrobe, rent a rack and buy quality preloved! Go here to book a rack www.venla.com.au