At VENLA Resell+Relove, we know a thing or two about pre-loved designer clothing and accessories. Based on a hugely popular Nordic ‘rent-a-rack’ model, VENLA makes buying (and selling!) second-hand designer and high-street fashion easy.VENLA makes it possible for anyone to monetise their preloved fashion items and sell them in-store in an easy and convenient way.

Top eight reasons to buy high-quality second-hand clothing and accessories at VENLA

If you’ve ever coveted a shoe, or a designer jacket or dress but just can’t justify the cost (especially if your finances are stretched right now, thank you COVID), VENLA’s the answer.

Also, buying and wearing second-hand is as good for the environment as it is for your hip pocket. In Australia alone we generated 247,000 tonnes of textile waste in 2019, or 6,000kg of waste every 10 minutes.

The benefits are endless, so to help, we’ve put together our top 8 reasons to buy pre-loved designer clothing and accessories at VENLA:

  1. You’ll save money! Coco Chanel taste, Kmart budget? Buying pre-loved designer clothes gives you an opportunity to purchase high-quality, often barely-worn garments at a fraction of their retail value.
  2. Support a local enterprise. The #ShopLocal movement has really blossomed since COVID crippled thousands of neighbourhood businesses around Australia. Buying second-hand gives you an opportunity to not only support the individual seller but also the VENLA movement – a win-win!
  3. It’s an ecologically-friendly choice for the conscious consumer. Not only does buying a second-hand garment mean you’re no longer reliant on the resources used to produce it, you’re also extending its life-cycle.
  4. Slow your fashion down. Speaking of cycles, buying second-hand strengthens the growing circular economy, helping to reduce the demand for fast fashion and make the industry more sustainable.
  5. While the number of foundationally ethical fashion brands is growing, the industry is still responsible for unsafe and unethical labour conditions such as long hours, low pay, and even child labour, in countries where clothing is manufactured. Buying a pre-loved garment empowers you to opt out of unethical practices.
  6. Go your own way! Why buy from a rack of 100 identical garments when you can choose something unique instead? Buying a designer dress that might be two, three, or more seasons old can become a form of self-expression.

You chose it because you noticed it, and loved it. Also, clothes in second-hand stores are mostly sorted by size, which means you can browse a variety of garments suited to your size and shape on the one rack.

  1. Contribute your hard-earned cash towards local charities. Every VENLA store is also home to a series of charity racks stocked with garments that have been gifted by sellers, with 100% of proceeds going to local charities.
  2. Community. At VENLA, our customers are mostly regulars who grow to love our regular sellers and our store, as together we proudly supply consistently high quality, great value designer fashion. What’s not to love?!

Based on the runaway success of VENLA MOSMAN, which opened in early 2021 on Sydney’s north shore, VENLA BONDI opened its doors in Bondi Junction in the eastern suburbs in July 2021. VENLA nr 3 will open in July 2022 in Balmain, Sydney's Inner-West.

So wherever you are in Sydney, we want all of our customers to feel good about buying – and reselling their – pre-loved fashion. To infinity and beyond!  

Book a rack online today. Or if you have questions, call VENLA store or email