VENLA rack rental not only includes the sale of your garments but also quality accessories including bags, sunnies, shoes, belts and scarves.

VENLA service for accessories includes:


5 accessories (max 3 pairs of shoes) with 40 garments


10 accessories (max 5 pairs of shoes) with 60 garments

Please note we do not accept faux designer items, jewellery, swimwear, underwear or real fur.

Pricing: We recommend that you take 50-70% off the original retail price for items that have not been worn and still have tags attached.  When considering the sale price put yourself in "buyer's shoes". What would you be prepared to pay for this item yourself?  

Authentication: If you have designer brands (handbags, shoes, sunnies) including original receipts and/or authentication will provide buyers peace of mind and a better price for you. There are several websites that you can use to authenticate your designer items.

Clean and polish:

Make sure you have cleaned/polished your accessories before you bring them in. Polish your shoes, and clean your sunnies and bags. Empty and dust bag pockets. Bring in cases for sunnies, dustbags and boxes with the shoes and bags.

If you don't use it/wear it  - sell it at VENLA!