It is already February and the summer is here at its best! Pop into a VENLA store to find your summer outfit. Pick fashion pieces that are practical, stylish and timeless and fabrics that feel comfortable. Check out the best fashion tips for the summer heat.

Here are some practical, stylish wardrobe tips:

A free-flowing dress

The feeling of an airy dress is really lovely when you walk, it gives the perfect feminine touch and bounce. Dress up or pair with relaxed accessories, sandals or bare feet, why not!

The perfect jumpsuit

It is a go-to piece, linen works well because it feels comfortable and is always cool. Jumpsuits are fun, super comfortable and easy to move around in.

Wear a swimsuit under your clothes

Find something you really love and you feel comfortable in, that can transition from a top to a swimsuit. Combine with a linen midi skirt or a half-buttoned blouse and you are ready for an after-beach party.

A bag you can take everywhere

Have a bag large enough to fit books, a camera, water bottles, towels, spare clothes, fruit etc. like these Mifuko Guaranteed Fair Trading Tote bags (above) available at VENLA stores priced at $155. They are designed in Finland and made by artisans in Africa. They are super handy, look great and you will support the artisans and their communities in Africa. They are made to last!

Pop in to find your summer outfits and join us help to reduce fashion waste.

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