As we raise a toast to our incredible journey from one store to five, your unwavering support has made it all possible!

Together, we've recycled close to 80,000 fashion items, making a positive impact on the environment.

We've empowered hundreds of mini-entrepreneurs who decluttered their wardrobes, earned some extra cash and joined us in promoting sustainable fashion.

Your support has propelled us to proudly expand to five VENLA stores across Sydney.

VENLA stores have evolved into small community hubs where like-minded women gather, share stories and support each other, fostering a strong sense of community.

Through your ongoing support, we've donated $18,000 to the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter and Lou's Place charities, making a significant impact on the lives of women in need.

Our dedicated team of 18 staff members has become an integral part of the VENLA family, their passion and hard work driving our success.

Over the years, we've learned, grown and made new friends, establishing valuable partnerships. Each experience has been a stepping stone toward building a more conscious and sustainable future.

Cheers to another year of sustainability and positive impact!