December is busy, busy, busy. You have your usual work and family commitments pre-Christmas preparations and you’re invited to get-togethers with family, friends and work colleagues. You might have those dreaded thoughts of: “I don’t have anything to wear.” or “What am I going to wear?” Here are a few tips on how to be ‘party-ready’.

Add A Bit Of Bling!

Nothing says fun and ‘party’ more than shine, shimmer and sparkle. Statement jewellery, shoes, a handbag, a top or a dress – your choices are endless!

Change Your Outfit By Changing Your Shoes

Swap your plain sandals, sneakers or flip flops for beautiful bejewelled sandals, wedges, stacked heels, or stilettos. These shoe styles elevate the simplest of outfits.

Switch Up Your Belt

Do you wear belts? If you do, wearing one with interesting detail is a very simple way to elevate your look.

Swap your casual, woven belt for one that is metallic or leather, or even a scarf.

Throw On A Third Piece

Add a jacket or scarf or pashmina to your outfit, especially at night. Its structure will take your outfit to the next level.

Add A ‘Pop’ Or A Lot Of Colour To Your Outfit

Colour implies fun and good times – that’s what party season is all about!Wearing brighter colours will brighten your mood and bring joy to those around you.

Get dressed quickly and easily and get on with what matters most – enjoying good company, good food and having fun!

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