Why is it so hard to declutter your fashion? Or is it? We at VENLA have made it easy for you.

You can hardly close the wardrobe doors. You should really declutter but... it's very hard to get started, right?

  • Too much work to go through your wardrobe and start culling.
  • You have so many nice things that you have not worn for a long time and it's too difficult to let go! Maybe it will fit one day?
  • Need to get everything cleaned and polished. Huh, getting tired just thinking about it! No time, too hard.

Did you know that Australians acquire an average of 27 kg of new clothing per person, and discard around 23 kg of clothing to landfills every year?*

However, if you are getting really tired of looking at your over-bursting wardrobe, this is what we recommend you do.

We have made recycling easy for you

  • Decide you WILL recycle your fashion and HOW you will do it. Will you donate to charity shops, or rent a rack at VENLA to make some money in the process?
  • Decide which pieces to sell. Make sure they are good quality, clean and in good condition.
  • Follow the instructions in the booking confirmation email. You are almost there!

Welcome to VENLA! We promise it is worth it. Your wallet, your wardrobe and the earth will thank you!

*Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water